Lydia Ash

Some of Lydia's speaking engagements include:

October 2009 - Panelist for the Grace Hopper Conference
Women and the Flat Connected World

June 2009 - Technology and Education keynote
Building the Skills for Success

October 2008 - Chair for the Google Test Automation Conference 2008 (GTAC 2008)

January 2008 - Panelist for the Women in Leadership Symposium

July 2007 - Google interviewed some of their key employees producing vignettes based on the interviews

July 2007 - Panelist for the New York Test Engineering Forum co-sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers

July 2007 - Speaker at the Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST)
Data Set Analysis: Approaches to testing when the build is the data
Identifying some simple approaches to some complex problems.

July 2007 - Panelist for a QA SIG/CAST testing exhibition

March 2007 - Speaker to the Society of Women Engineers
Working in the Innovation Factory

December 2006 - Speaker at University of Washington
Essential Skills for Web Testers

September 2006 - Speaker at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2006 (PNSQC)
A Peek Inside Google's Innovation Factory

April 2006 - Invited speaker at Amazon
5 Things to Make Your Web Testing More Effective

April 2006 - Invited speaker to Association for Women in Computing (AWC)
AJAX in Action: Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

March 2006 - Speaker at Google
Network Analysis

Delivered many workshops on presentation skills, time management, and negotiation